ParametersNameFactory direct sales high quality Huawei P10 battery

ModelHuawei Honor P10

Battery Type(Lithium)Li-ion battery
Cell Qualityhigh quality with 1 year warranty
VoltageNominal Voltage:3.82V
Charge Voltage: Max.4.4V

Charging life cycleOver 500 times
Working Life3-5 years
Guarantee12 months
ProductionCell& IC Double IC.Real capacity cell
Sticker&LabelOEM/ODM or Neutral sticker as per your requirement

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OEM/ODM packing, any packing can be made according to your requests.


Battery capacity detector, Spot-welder, testing equipment ect

Shipping & PaymentMOQMOQ =100pcs, can be mixed models.
Delivery time

Within 10 days, can be settled depends on the quantity of order

shippingUPS, DHL or TNT.
PaymentPaypal, TT

【Please Note】

At the first beginning,the battery will drain quickly,this issue is caused due to the li-ion of a new battery is unstable, it will become normal after long-term use. 

To use the battery longer, please use up all the energy of battery until your phone shuts down automatically, then charge it for up to 10 hours, repeat this 3-5 times, thus the battery can be reached the optimum effect of using. 

Please use the original charger or use big current charger to charge the battery.

FAQ after installing:

Q1. Why battery can not be installed?

A: You might purchased the wrong battery or got the wrong one.

Q2. Why my phone can not turn on after Installed?

A: The cable does not connect well or the battery is power off. Please re-install all cables and charge the battery then try again.

Q3. Why my phone keep rebooting or blinking apple logo after Installed?

A: The ribbon cable does not connect well, please re-install the cable then try again.

Q4. Why my phone dead after using 3-4 days? Why my phone can not charge full to 100 percent or don't hold a charge?

A:The ribbon cable was broken and need to be replace.

Q5. Why battery capacity loss seriously after few days used?

A: ALL third-party APP of capacity testing are only shows a vague result for reference and have no authority, 

please take practicality as standard.


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